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Summerhouses & Pavilions

Summerhouse Specifications

Scotts summerhouses are very versatile and each detail has been carefully specified.

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Summerhouse Dimensions

The Balmoral & Baltimore Summerhouses - A clear 2m in diameter plus 120mm roof overhang. 2.0m to eaves height and 3.0m to the top of the ball (3.1m to the top of the spike on the copper roof).

The Burghley Summerhouse - 2.440m in diameter plus 120mm roof overhang. 2.0m to eaves height and 3.0m to the top of the roof.

The Sun Ray Garden Room - 2.1m deep by 3.4m wide plus 120mm roof overhang. 2.0m to eaves height and 3.0m to the top of the ridge detail.

The Newhaven Corner Summerhouse - 2.19m x 2.19m (along rear walls) plus 150mm roof overhang. 2.0m to eaves height and 3.26m to the top of the ball.

The Base

Ideally the summerhouse needs to be erected onto a level, hard standing area, either concrete or smooth paving slabs. If the site is very exposed it needs metal straps incorporating into the base work to anchor it to the ground. The person who undertakes the basework will supply these.

(NB Metal straps must not be used if the summerhouse is on a rotating base).

The Floor

The Scotts summerhouse floors are manufactured from pressure treated timber.


The shutters are slatted and have acrylic sheeting fitted into them to make the summerhouse more weatherproof. To make the cleaning of the shutters simple, the acrylic can be removed by simply unscrewing the screws at the top, removing the top of the frame and sliding the perspex out (taking care with sharp edges).

Doors and Windows

A pair of lockable doors is available to the front section of the summerhouse. The doors and windows have brass ironmongery and the doors come complete with a mortice lock. All glass is toughened. Brass cabin hooks are fitted to secure the doors when open.


All the timber is European Redwood. The framing is 38mm x 38mm in size and the exterior is manufactured from ex 125mm x 19mm tongue and groove boarding that has been vacuum pressure impregnated before two coats of spray paint have been applied (where appropriate.) Where a colour is chosen for the summerhouse, the paint finish is an industrial quality to Scotts' own colour specification. Additional touch up paint is available.

The Roof

As standard, the summerhouses are supplied with a one-piece glassfibre moulded roof which has a long life expectancy. One can easily encourage fungi to grow on the roof to make it more 'natural' looking.

As an optional extra for the Balmoral or Baltimore, there is a one piece copper roof which will gradually verdigris down over time, although there are a number of products around that will encourage this ageing process to speed up. Please note that the copper finial is no longer supplied with the spike on the top ~ it is simply finished off with the copper ball.

Alternatively, for a more natural effect a cedar shingle roof can be supplied for all Scotts summerhouses. This cedar shingle roof comes complete with a copper finial and requires minimal maintenance.


The upholstery sets are filled with foam cushions. The covers can be easily removed for dry cleaning. The roof linings, in 100% glazed cotton, are simply fitted into the roof area using curtain wires and hooks. The upholstery sets including roof lining should, ideally, be stored in a black, airtight bag over the winter months.

Planning Permission

Planning permission is not generally required provided the building is positioned 2 metres or more from your boundary. In a Conservation Area or if your property is Listed, however, you are advised to contact your local planning authority as approval may be required. Click here for further guidance.